Monday, February 7, 2011

Rushton Hurley- Getting teachers to adopt technology: what to do and not to do

I first attended a Rushton Hurley session two years ago and I loved
his humor and especially enjoyed his tools that he gave us.  He is a wonderful speaker and he uses videos and other resources to grab your attention and make you think. this is a link to his newsletter sign up page so that
you can get an email with different links on a regular basis.
The link above is for all the links he shared with us during the
presentation. Below, I will try to jot down some notes from his

*Technology should help my kids learn better or should save me time.

Do's and don'ts:
Don't limit by requiring
Do remind them of their expertise

Don't start with standards
Do show something fun
Tag galaxy is visually compelling- capture their attention

Don't sit everyone in a lab for training
Do allow regular (and short) sharing time
Amazing things happening on our campuses happening every day

USING FUNDS: do's and don'ts
Don't limit technology to labs
Do show what's possible with one or two computers in the classroom

Don't buy expensive software that teachers haven't used *(didn't catch
everything this said)
Do learn what's freely available

Don't blanket the campus with expensive hardware
Do use targeted spending to focus purchases

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