Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Compare and Contrast Castles

I came across this article in the USA Today about castles.  I have always enjoyed reading and viewing pictures of european castles.  This castle is in Arkansas and is called the Ozark Medieval Fortress.  They are currently building this castle and expect it to be finished in 2030!  Why so long?  They are building the castle using only medieval tools and procedures!   It is very interesting to see how they are using chisels, horses, and even a crane that a person has to walk on a mouse wheel to make it work.  There is always a curiosity with children when it comes to castles and I think this would be a great opportunity to take them on a virtual field trip of this site.  I think it would lead to some good discussion.

I remember my family taking a vacation to Nashville, TN one year and seeing this amazing castle with a huge wall around it.  Best of all, it was for sale!  This castle is located around Versailles, Kentucky. Construction started around 1969 and I don't think it was ever completed...until now.  It was left vacant for a long time, caught on fire, and was recently sold and renovated.  It is now called the Castle Post and is a "Luxury Tourist Inn".  I think it would be great to compare and contrast the differences between the two modern day(?) castles.

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