Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some new content for this outdated blog!

I always find these great websites/articles/videos and never have the time to post them.  Today is the day that I try to post a few of the items I have found recently.

All About Explorers is a great website that is completely bogus.  It is an opportunity to teach kids that everything on the Internet is not always fact based.  Some of the "facts" are pretty obvious.  Take a look for yourself.

Geddit is an app and a website that allows students in schools that are 1:1 to give private feedback to the teacher about their understanding of the content.  It sounds like it would be great for even kids to use their cell phones in school! stands for YouTube Time Machine.  When visiting this site you can pick any year you want and look at YouTube videos from that year. This would be excellent for History lessons.  There are some filters that allow you to sift through the results.

Looking for inspiration in your classroom?  You can sign up at WingClips and have access to thousands of video clips from popular movies.

Below are some great videos I recently heard about: Living on One Dollar:

Google Search Tips:

 ...And just for fun and motivation to not give up!

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